Vintage Pay Phones

Vintage Payphone (Western Electric)Black Vintage Pay Phone Coin Box DoorAntique vintage 3 slot payphone Jim Bean Whiskey dispenser - UsedVintage Hotel/Bar Pay Phone with key--Model # 727-25--White--Never used NIBFIRST PORTABLE VINTAGE 1909 GAS STATION GRAY TELEPHONE PAY STATION #14 VERY RAREPublic Telephone Double Sided Phone Booth Shop Garage Vintage Style Flange SignVINTAGE PHONE BOOTH WITH PAY PHONE WOW! LONG ISLAND, NEW YORKWESTERN ELECTRIC VINTAGE 233G PAYPHONE TELEPHONEBell System Western Electric 3 slot Payphone Vintage Pay Telephone Phone PartsVintage 3 coin Bell System pay phone. It works. Original old phonevintage AE 3SLOT Payphone telephone part...original upper housing 29S lock & keyOld Fashioned Telephone Classic Pay Phone vintage rotary dial tone booth antique2 Vintage Payphone Coin Box. Cary Case Lugage Vintage Pay Telephone PhoneVINTAGE PAY PHONE DIAL ROTARY 3 COIN SLOT AUTOMATIC ELECTRIC COMPANYVintage Automatic Electric PayPhone - University of Illinois ColorsPayphone Vintage Coin Slot Push Button Classic Old Fashioned Wall Telephone 1950Chrome Crosley Classic Retro Pay Phone Wall Slot Vintage Telephone Payphone Bar1950's Classic Black Wall Phone Retro Vintage Payphone Telephone Crosley CR56 Vintage GTE One Slot Push Button Pay Phone In Wood Wall Booth/Phone Book ShelfVINTAGE BELL SYSTEM WESTERN ELECTRIC ROTARY DIAL PAYPHONE TELEPHONE 233-G Antique Automatic Electric 3 slot Payphone Handset With Armored Cord Vintage PAY PHONE 10 Cents Metal Sign Retro-Vintage Style Gas Station Public TelephonePay Phone For Home Corded Retro Vintage Rotary Wall Telephone Coin Piggy BankVintage Sprint Payphone Refurbished And Modified For Home Use GTE/Quadrum 120